Storage Tips For Apartment Living

June 28, 2017 3:56 pm

You may have less square footage than a house, but these 12 apartment storage ideas will help you to hold on to the things that you love and stay organized.

  1. Take a vertical leap – In a smaller space, you will want to organize your storage on the vertical rather than the horizontal. Use hooks to hang things on walls and inside of closets. Install tall cabinets and bookcases with more shelves.


  1. Be a basket case – Baskets are decorative and versatile. You can use them anywhere to store dry items and reduce clutter.


  1. Bring down the curtain – Traditional doors use up floor space to open and close. Hang a curtain to cover a closet or small room. It will slide rather than swing to allow access.


  1. Embrace your inner furniture – Many furniture items have storage options. Ottomans, coffee tables, and benches often have space for storage inside or underneath.


  1. Mix and match – Over the door closet organizers such as those used for shoes can store any item that fits the pocket. Use your imagination.


  1. Sweep it under the bed – If your bed is resting on legs, you may have unused space under there. Bed risers boost the height of your bed for additional space. There is a variety of under the bed storage containers on the market.


  1. Take a shower – There are many kinds of shower caddies available that serve as storage for bottles, razors, and sponges. Some shower curtains also have mesh pockets. If you are crafty, you can add some.


  1. Book it – If you love your books, you will know the challenge of where to keep them. Fortunately, books look nice, so use them to decorate. When stacked next to a chair, larger books make a convenient side table.


  1. Create some tension – Tension rods come in different lengths and can increase hanging potential in any cupboard or closet. You can also use them to hang curtains to partition a space.


  1. Peg it – You can use pegboard in any room to convert a blank wall into storage space. It can be purchased or cut to fit and has a variety of purposes.


  1. Make an entrance – Provide hooks, shelves, and storage at the entrance to reduce clutter. If things like hats, jackets, and purses have an assigned place in the entry, they are less likely to creep into your living space.


  1. Do your homework – There is an abundance of storage solutions on the market today. Spend some time researching new gadgets to fight the clutter. It may also spark some DIY ideas that can save you cash.



Try these 12 apartment storage ideas to make the most of your space and reflect your style. You do not need a huge amount of square footage to relax and appreciate your living space.