Making Storage Space in Smaller Rooms

September 24, 2015 2:22 pm

Working with small spaces is not always easy. If your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom is smaller than you would like, just finding a place to store all your stuff can be a real challenge.


Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make the most of small spaces and make sure all your possessions are safe and sound. These creative ideas can help you enhance even the smallest room and make the most of the space you do have available.


Go Overhead

If your rooms are short of floor space, move up instead of out. Make use of the space above your head to store items you would otherwise not have room for. Installing a shelving unit over the toilet or a storage rack above the pantry can double your storage space. Hanging a storage caddy from the shower head gives you a handy place to store your shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other toiletries.


Choose Nesting Bowls and Frying Pans

Replacing your mismatched bowls and frying pans with nesting models can more than double the storage space in your pantry. If you are tired of shoving your cookware into a limited space, it might be time for a space-saving upgrade.


Make Use of Your Wall Space

When floor space is limited, wall space becomes even more precious. From your bike to your cooking utensils, you can hang almost anything on the wall. Choose sturdy hooks, make sure they are anchored properly, and start putting your possessions in their place.


Create an Attractive Storage Solution with Baskets

A set of large baskets can be the solution to your storage problem. Baskets can be used to store anything, and they are more attractive than milk crates, shelving units and other popular storage solutions. Mix it up with different size baskets, and move them around the room for an ever-changing look.


Build a Wall of Bookcases

Bookcases are good for far more than storing books. A good set of bookshelves or group of bookcases can storage everything from knick-knacks and souvenirs to movies and CDs. A built-in recessed bookcase is the best choice from a space perspective, but a set of low-profile bookshelves is a close second.


Use Behind-the-Door Storage Solutions

From shoes to sweaters, you can store your clothes behind the closet door and save precious shelf space. You can purchase ready-made storage pockets that fit behind the door, or create your own with low-profile shelving.


Look Underneath

There is plenty of space underneath your bed, so do not let it go to waste. A plastic storage container is perfect for storing papers, out-of-season clothes or anything else you need only occasionally.


Living in a small home or apartment does not have to mean giving up your favorite things or dealing with constant clutter. With a little creativity and imagination, you can make even the smallest space more versatile.

Apartment Decor: Hang Curtains

September 14, 2015 6:49 pm

We are always looking for fun decorating ideas to brighten up our spaces. Today our tip comes from Apartment Therapy and it is a good one…Hang Curtains!

I know that it seems like a pain to go through the trouble, but it can make an incredible difference in warming up your space.


For more apartment decoration tips, visit Apartment Therapy!


Money Saving Tip: Save With Cable Alternatives

September 8, 2015 8:01 am







When you are looking to cut your budget, sometimes the big ticket items, like cable television, get overlooked as a “must have” and dismissed as impossible to scale back.

We have a few alternatives to cable television that may help you save big money over the long run.

If you all ready have high speed internet access, there are several companies and products that offer you some of the benefits of cable without the cost:

1. Hulu Plus: Hulu streams most of the major networks to your television (using either a computer gaming system or stand alone box).  At $9.99/month, it allows you to watch your favorite shows the day after broadcast at a fraction of the cost of cable.

2. Netflix: Netflix offers you a wide range of movies, documentaries and television series on demand and can be streamed directly to your television. At $7.95 a month, Netflix offers you some of the same great programming options without burning a hole in your budget.

3. Amazon Prime: Amazon offers a streaming service with multiple television series and movies free with a purchase of a Prime membership ($79/year). Not only do you get great content, but free 2-day shipping on all your Amazon purchases.

If you are still committed to cable television for one of many reasons, it is worth looking at the current promotions offered by your cable company to consolidate services (internet, phone, etc.) for some packaged savings.