Apartment Etiquette: Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

September 25, 2014 8:58 am

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep. As someone living with neighbors there are some very simple things you can do to be a good night time neighbor and make sure everyone gets their time with the Sandman!

  1. Be considerate of your neighbors
  2. Avoid Yelling & Loud Talking
  3. Keep Conversations INSIDE Your Apartment (not outside your neighbors door or neighbors windows, not out in the parking lot, people live next to the parking lot).
  4. If you live upstairs, try to avoid the squeaky area or stomping, please don’t put speakers on the floor . If you are a large person, try to get a downstairs apartment.
  5. We know that you have great taste in Music, but EASY ON THE “BASS” (BASS frequencies pass thru walls more than any other frequencies, Turn Down The Bass Please). Better yet . . .
  6. GET SOME HEADPHONES for your Stereo. Headphones sound better. You can cook while wearing them. You can dance while wearing them. You can do Yoga while wearing them
  7. You can get a “Y” cord or split adapter from Radio Shack so you can plug in 2 sets of Headphones at the same time. They also have long extensions for headphones.
  8. Most TV’s now have sound plugs so you can plug the TV sound into the Stereo and watch TV using your Headphones
  9. Portable CD Players or iPods are real cool… Music can really make your day or night
  10. CAR STEREO? ┬áPlease don’t play it in the parking lot!
  11. Kids need a place to have fun. Kids are people too, find more peaceful activities for kids or think about bringing them to a park where they can let off steam.
  12. If you encounter anyone making LOTS OF NOISE, try to be understanding, in a friendly manner, and try to explain calmly that you are trying to sleep. We have all been noisy people in the past, so being friendly is the best way to call attention to the problem.