Tidy Up Your Apartment In 15 Minutes

February 21, 2017 3:04 pm

Of course everyone wants their home to be clean and tidy all the time, but sometimes that is not realistic. What can you do when your apartment is messy but you need it to look neat quickly? Maybe your parents just called to say they’re dropping by, or you forgot that your friend was stopping by for a glass of wine. You can’t clean everything with such a short deadline, but there are ways to make your apartment look neat and presentable in just 15 minutes.

Get Rid of Trash

If you have trash in your apartment, spend two minutes taking it outside or to the trash room. You don’t have time to inspect your house for every crumpled receipt and empty candy wrapper right now, but getting rid of most of the rubbish will make your kitchen look cleaner and remove any lingering smells that might be hanging around.

Tidy Up Clothing

Pick up all your dirty or discarded clothes and put them in a hamper or laundry basket out of the way of guests. Forget about the mess closet your wardrobe and focus on what people can see. This will create more floor space and less clutter immediately.

Stack It Up

Stack any other random clutter, like books and papers, and put decorous objects on top. This will give the illusion of order and coziness to an otherwise messy space. Simple piles of objects make you look like a person who likes to be surrounded by their belongings rather than someone who just forgot to clean.

Put Away Personal Items

Put anything personal, like medication and your private journal, into a drawer. You don’t need to worry about order right now, you just want to ensure that whoever’s visiting doesn’t get a peek into your private matters. Do a quick scan of each room and gather the items as you go.

Make The Bed

Your bed is the biggest thing in your bedroom, and if you live in a studio apartment, it’s the focal point of the room, so pull the covers over it quickly and straighten up the pillows. This will make everything look immediately more ordered.

Air It Out

A disorganized place can easily turn into one that smells stale, so open up all the windows (even if it’s cold) while you’re doing your quick-fire cleaning. Spray a couple of spritzes of something scented like air freshener, deodorant, aftershave, or perfume in each room, and close the windows before your guests arrive if it’s chilly.

Even if your apartment looks disheveled, these tips will have you covered when you need to impress and you don’t have a lot of time to get organized.