Confused About Recycling?

September 19, 2013 6:10 pm

Recycling can be confusing. What can I recycle? Does my pizza box go with cardboard or in the garbage?

We have found some simple guides, by county, so you know what you can recycle and how!

For those of you that live in Hennepin County – here is a great user-friendly guide that breaks it down.

For those of you in Ramsey County, they break it down for your by your city so you know the rules of the curb!

And finally, in Dakota County there is full list of what and how you can recycle!

We are all trying to be good citizens of the Twin Cities and the planet and hope this helps you!

Twin Cities #3 On HuffPo’s Happiest, Healthiest Metros!

September 5, 2013 4:35 pm

We are pretty proud to live in the Twin Cities, but it is always nice to be acknowledged as  a great place to live! Today, in the Huffington Post, the metro area was number three on the list of its’ “Happiest, Healthiest Cities” – only being topped by San Jose, CA and Salt Lake City, UT.

It seems that our healthy lifestyles are paying dividends in making the Cities a great place to live and be healthy:

It’s not the rustic Nordic diet that catapulted the Twin Cities to heart-healthy superstardom. Credit city planners, local doctors, and area hospitals — and it’s been decades in the making. “It’s part of the fabric of our work here,” says Courtney Jordan Baechler, M.D., a cardiologist at the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing. “People have spent decades boosting heart health by making the area more bikeable, for example, and offering cholesterol and blood pressure screenings to everyone.”

You can read more and check out the full list here!