Money Saving Tip: Save With Cable Alternatives

September 8, 2015 8:01 am







When you are looking to cut your budget, sometimes the big ticket items, like cable television, get overlooked as a “must have” and dismissed as impossible to scale back.

We have a few alternatives to cable television that may help you save big money over the long run.

If you all ready have high speed internet access, there are several companies and products that offer you some of the benefits of cable without the cost:

1. Hulu Plus: Hulu streams most of the major networks to your television (using either a computer gaming system or stand alone box).  At $9.99/month, it allows you to watch your favorite shows the day after broadcast at a fraction of the cost of cable.

2. Netflix: Netflix offers you a wide range of movies, documentaries and television series on demand and can be streamed directly to your television. At $7.95 a month, Netflix offers you some of the same great programming options without burning a hole in your budget.

3. Amazon Prime: Amazon offers a streaming service with multiple television series and movies free with a purchase of a Prime membership ($79/year). Not only do you get great content, but free 2-day shipping on all your Amazon purchases.

If you are still committed to cable television for one of many reasons, it is worth looking at the current promotions offered by your cable company to consolidate services (internet, phone, etc.) for some packaged savings.