Apartment Friendly Holiday Entertaining Tips

November 7, 2017 5:58 am

When you share space with your neighbors, it is important to remember to be courteous to others in your building. As the holiday season approaches, we thought we would share our tips for apartment friendly entertaining!

  1. Keep your party inside your apartment. Everyone has been to a party that was so crowded that guests started spilling out into the hallway. This causes problems for neighbors as they come and go as well as it infringes on the common areas. When inviting people to your party, please keep in mind the number of people that can easily fit into your own apartment – unless you have booked a common room for that purpose.
  2. Don’t test your neighbors’ patience with excessive noise. Neighbors are more likely to complain or be irritated if you push the boundaries of noise and crowds too far. Noise travels through apartment walls, ceilings, and floors. Be conscious of how much noise can be absorbed without giving the building a headache. Also remember that others in the building may have different work hours or days – so make sure  it’s not keeping them up late into the night.
  3. Don’t let neighbors’ complaints escalate. If your neighbors complain about your party, they are in all likelihood looking for a resolution to their problem. Always hear them out — You may be surprised to find yourself agreeing with your neighbor that what they’re asking is reasonable.
  4. Consider inviting your neighbors. This can be a sensible option if you’re throwing a general type of party. They might drop by just to make an appearance or not even come at all. But your neighbors will appreciate the gesture, and if they don’t come, they’ll be less likely to complain about a party that they had been invited to by you.