Four Tips To Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning!

February 24, 2016 2:59 pm

Spring is almost here and it may be time to give your apartment a little refresh. Here are some easy tips that have immediate impact!

bedside table close 700


Make an appointment to go through your refrigerator regularly — at least once a week — and throw out expired or rotten. Foods, like mayonnaise, should be tossed two months after opening. Others, like boxed chicken broth and almond milk, should be tossed within a week of opening. Give leftovers the three-day rule. All food is best fresh.


More than two to three towels per person can be overwhelming. Avoid unnecessary storage by donating the older ones to a local animal shelter.


The only items you need on your table are a lamp and a glass of water at night. The drawer should be tidy, too, having only the necessities such as hand lotion and an eye mask. You want to keep this area as clean and neat as possible. It’s important to go to sleep in that fashion and not wake up in a clutter.

Living Room

Using furniture that serves double duty definitely keeps a room looking better organized. Ottomans with a lid that can provide storage inside or can be turned over to act as a tray table, or a coffee table that will transition into a dining table are key.