Making Your Apartment Move Easy – 4 Tips!

March 2, 2016 3:48 pm

Moving into a new apartment can be a very stressful situation for both novices and people more experienced with moving. If you do not have a solid plan heading into the big move, you can become confused and important things may be overlooked. Whether you’re leaving your childhood home for the first time to live on your own or you’re looking to upgrade and move to a new apartment, here are four tips that will help minimize the stress and confusion of moving.

Moving Day

Moving Day

It is a real estate cliché but, “Location, location, location,” is immensely important when choosing a new apartment. It is imperative to figure out your needs and see if the area of your new apartment fits those needs. Do you have kids? If so, a neighborhood with good schools is important. Do you need to use public transportation? An area near buses and trains would be optimal for those without a car. Where you choose to live has a major impact on your future, so be sure it is somewhere you are comfortable living and can suit your living needs.


The second tip is to test everything in the apartment. When you finally find an apartment you are interested in and get to have a look around, there are a few things you should remember to try before making any decisions. Flip all of the light switches and bring a portable phone charger to make sure the electrical outlets are in working order. Flush the toilet, light the stove and check inside the oven. Leave no stone unturned. If this is the apartment where you will be living, you do not want to be surprised later to find out something isn’t working properly.


Once you decide on an apartment and know this is where you want to live, the next tip is to make sure you measure everything. Measure where your couch will go. Measure your bed frame and all dressers and bookshelves. Other important measurements that often go overlooked are the hallways, doorframes and window frames. Measuring all of these places will help avoid any mix-ups in fitting furniture into your new place. You don’t want to buy a new piece of furniture just to get it back to your apartment and find out that it doesn’t fit in the space you allotted for it.


The most important tip to know when moving into a new apartment is to properly budget yourself. There is no worse feeling than finally getting your new place up and running, and then not being able to afford the essentials. Make a list of all your income for one month. Make a separate list of all expenses you have during that same month, then subtract the expenses from the incomes to make sure you have enough money to pay your bills and some extra left over to live on.


Remembering these tips will help turn your move from a confusing and hectic time, to a more organized and easy one. The more you plan ahead the better off you will be.