Cleaning Out Your Closet

March 18, 2015 7:02 am

It is all too easy for closet clutter to take over your life. What starts off as a small amount of clutter can quickly escalate as you buy new outfits and create new looks. Before you realize it, you cannot even get into your closet, and finding your favorite outfit seems like an insurmountable tasks.










If you want to clear out the clutter and take back your closet space, you can use these tips to get started.


Organize Your Clothes by Type

Many ready-made closet organization systems employ this method, but you do not have to spend all that money to keep your closet neat and clean. Keeping your skirts in one part of the closet, your jackets in another and dresses in a third makes it easy to find something to wear. This method also makes is easier to create different looks instead of relying on the same old pairings.


Or By Color

If organizing clothes by type is not your thing, consider sorting them by color instead. Arranging your dresses, suits and blazers by color can make choosing the perfect outfit easier and spark your creativity.


Clean Out Your Closet with the Hanger Trick

You probably have lots of clothes you never wear, but determining which outfits to ditch can be difficult. One of the best ways to reduce the clutter and focus on your favorite clothes is the hanger trick. At the beginning of every season, turn all of your hangers around. Turn the hanger around the other way when you pull off a garment. By the end of the season you will be able to see at a glance what you can remove from your wardrobe.


Use Tax Season as Your Inspiration

You can help those in need and help yourself to a tax deduction by donating the unwanted parts of your wardrobe to charity. If you need extra inspiration to clear away the clutter, let tax time be your inspiration. Be sure to get a receipt for your donation so that the amount you report to the IRS is correct.