5 Energy Saving Tips for Apartment Living

June 13, 2017 3:40 pm

Simple changes can make a big dent in your monthly expenses. Just use these simple tips to get started and see your energy consumption and bills go down!


#1 – Replace Your Light Bulbs

Take a tour through your apartment and make a list of all your light bulbs and their wattages. Then go shopping for new compact florescent or LED bulbs. You can save a lot of money simply by replacing those old light bulbs with newer more energy efficient versions.


You can save even more money by looking for sales and stocking up on light bulbs at reduced prices. Compact florescent and LED light bulbs last longer than traditional models, but it never hurts to have a few spares on hand.


#2 – Insulate Your Window Air Conditioner

If you use a window air conditioner to cool your apartment, be sure it is well insulated. Check for gaps around the unit that could let cool air out and cost you extra money. Use foam insulation to seal those gaps and keep the cold air in your home.


If you must leave the window unit in over the winter, use a tight-fitting air conditioner cover. Better yet, find a spot to store the unit for the winter.


#3 – Use Your Electronic Devices Efficiently

Electronic devices like computers, televisions and gaming consoles play an increasingly large role in monthly energy bills these days. You can trim those expenses by watching how you use those devices. Use a power strip for devices that require frequent charging – things like cell phones and tablets. Turning the power strip off when charging is complete can save you money without sacrificing convenience.


You can save even more by shutting down your computer when you will not be needing it for a few hours. Shutting down your PC will not harm the components, but it will save you money.


#4 – Keep the Registers Clear

Whether you use baseboards or registers for heat, make sure the surrounding areas are kept clear. Stacking furniture up against baseboards and placing clothes over registers creates a fire hazard — and wastes electricity.


Those registers and baseboards need free air flow to work efficiently. Move furniture as far away as possible and make sure curtains do not hang near the heat. Be sure to vacuum those registers and baseboard units often to keep them free of dust. An accumulation of dust and debris can reduce the amount of heat that makes it into the room.


#5 – Save Money on Laundry Day

You can save money on laundry day by washing only full loads. Buying a drying rack for your apartment and consider using the dryers only for heavy items when necessary.